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  • Real Conservative.
    Real Results.

    Over the course of the last year, we have seen the true power of the American people. When government gets out of the way, our economy grows, our businesses thrive, and our people take home more money in their paychecks.

    Real Conservative.
    Real Results.

    Kelly Armstrong is well-recognized among North Dakota’s most conservative state senators:

    But the fight in Washington is not over – it is just beginning.

    Kelly Armstrong is running for Congress because North Dakota needs a fighter representing us, someone who is a true conservative to represent and will get things done for North Dakota.

    Now is the time to elect someone who has the energy and drive to build on the momentum that we have seen from President Trump and his administration.

    Our farming, ranching, and energy industries provide America and the world with food, oil, gas, and electricity. Over the last year we have seen what the right kind of leadership can do for North Dakota.  The Trump agenda has already rolled back Obama-era regulations that were choking off our farmers, ranchers, and energy producers; and creating hardships for the industries that are so vital to our state.

    Kelly is running for congress to ensure the future is bright for all of our kids – where they have every opportunity to succeed right here in North Dakota. By reducing the size of government, we can unleash the full potential of our citizens, create jobs, and let the people of this state do what they do best. Make North Dakota the best place in the world.

    Real Results:

    Kelly Armstrong is a top-ranked conservative senator and proud of the work he has achieved here at home. In the legislature, Kelly has worked tirelessly to advance legislation that is important to North Dakotans.

    Kelly helped grow the economy across North Dakota.  He was honored to sponsor the Surge funding bill which brought over a billion dollars in infrastructure spending.  This historic legislation brought money to communities all across the state that were desperate for improvements to our roads, schools, water treatment plants, and other utilities.  Never before had a bill of this magnitude been approved by our legislature so quickly.  And the results have been obvious.  Communities have seen the infrastructure improvements that have enhanced the lives of our friends and neighbors and helped businesses grow.

    He protected private property owners. In 2017, Kelly Armstrong sponsored a bill that will result in thousands of mineral acres being returned to private mineral owners around Lake Sakakawea.  Many of these people are farmers and ranchers whose families have made North Dakota their home for generations.  Through no fault of their own, their minerals were taken from them by the state through a process that was unfair, unjust, and un-American.  It’s not right and their property is protected because of Kelly’s efforts.

    We need to bring conservative values and conservative reality to the budget.  Our National debt is crippling this country.  We have to stop kicking this can down the road to our children and grandchildren.  Now is the time for DC to get serious about balancing the budget just like we do in North Dakota.  We need a proven leader who won’t back down and is willing to make the hard choices.

    Shrink Size of Government:

    The federal government has bloated to an unsustainable level. Even now Washington bureaucrats continue to pump out regulation that stifles business, infringes on our states’ rights, and costs our taxpayers dearly.

    Defending Life

    Kelly believes that life is sacred and has been a defender of life at all stages. In Washington, he will work to finally pass the 20-week abortion ban and do all he can to promote the pro-life agenda. He supports the Hyde Amendment’s ban on using federal funds for abortion and supports diverting funding from Planned Parenthood into Community Health Centers that do not perform or encourage abortion.

    Opioid Crisis:

    The opioid crisis is killing our children. The grip of this epidemic does not discriminate by race, age, or economic status.  We need a full throated plan of attack to combat these deadly drugs.  We need smart policy that provides more treatment, education, and accountability.


    We have to once and for all secure our borders.  This isn’t about stopping immigration; this is about ending the flow of drugs and human trafficking along our southern borders.


    Obamacare is an unmitigated disaster.  The costs of this terrible policy are even worse in rural states.  Providers are fleeing our markets and driving up healthcare costs on North Dakota families.


    2nd Amendment Rights

    And Kelly has been a leading champion for law abiding gun owners.  As the chair of the judiciary committee he has championed 2nd amendment issues through the Senate.  Kelly supports the simplification of our gun laws and expanding our second amendment freedoms.  Last year he voted to pass constitutional carry which is the most significant 2nd amendment legislation in a generation.  Kelly’s efforts has given North Dakota among the best 2nd amendment laws in the country,

    Addiction & Sentencing

    Kelly has helped save lives when it comes to addiction. He has helped marshal through the most sweeping DUI reform in our history and increased penalties for repeat offenders and provided more tools for law enforcement to ensure that offenders are staying sober and getting treatment.  Last year he voted to pass historic legislation that will work towards dealing with addiction related crimes.  Addiction is an issue we need to confront head on.  We cannot build enough prison cells to solve this problem.  Kelly supports providing tools and treatment to make sure young addicts can become successful members of our society not better criminals, while still making sure we hold people accountable for their actions.

    Protecting the Rule of Law

    Kelly supported new rules to crack down on extremist protesters.  The DAPL protests exposed some serious flaws in our century code and Kelly supported legislation that strengthened our laws and provided our law enforcement the tools they need to defend us against people who have no respect for our laws or our citizens.  No longer will out-of-state environmental extremists get away with causing destruction and chaos in North Dakota.

    Giving Farmers and Ranchers the Opportunity to Succeed

    As a lifelong resident, Kelly understands that agriculture is still the backbone of North Dakota and he has worked hard to ensure that our farmers and ranchers concerns are heard. Last session Kelly sponsored a bill that would ensure that our local farm implement dealers would be protected from national manufacturers unfair demands.  Our local businesses had no real bargaining power and were being forced to stock equipment creating a terribly unfair burden on our local farming and ranching communities.

    A Real Conservative. A Real North Dakotan.

    Finally, Kelly is running for Congress because he truly loves North Dakota.

    North Dakota is the Armstrong’s home and Kelly has worked hard to make it a better place.  He will go to work every day to defend our jobs, our values, and our way of life.  Kelly Armstrong has always been a fighter. He’s not afraid to confront challenges head on here or in Congress is where the battle lines are going to be drawn.

    This next election is crucial.  It is critical that Republicans maintain the House.  If the Democrats seize control, sound policy will give way to gotcha politics and partisan witch hunts.

    Together through smart policy and sheer force of will we have the chance to send a real North Dakota conservative to Washington who can deliver real results.  We can ensure that North Dakota has a strong voice in the U.S. House. And we can ensure that our children have every opportunity for success right here in the greatest state in the greatest county in the world.